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Export Champions programme

Export Champions programme

Want to help unlock Scotland's export potential? We're seeking mentors and mentees to join our Export Champions programme. Discover the rewards of business-to-business mentoring through our matchmaking service.

What’s the Export Champions programme about? 

The Export Champions programme is a business-to-business export mentorship scheme that provides companies who are new to exporting with mentorship support from companies who are experienced and successful in international markets. We plan to mobilise our networks, including GlobalScot, to help deliver 100 business-to-business mentorships a year.  

The programme is part of a £20 million investment announced as part of the Programme for Government, unveiled in November 2018 by First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon. 

Benefits of the programme for businesses

Experience tells us that companies who trade internationally tend to be more innovative, more productive and more competitive. Our programme is aimed at helping more businesses take advantage of the benefits of exporting.

During the programme, you’ll be able to learn from the experience of businesses in Scotland who are already succeeding on an international scale. You’ll get regular, one-on-one support from your mentor and together you can decide how they can best support your business.

How does it work?

Step 1 – finding the right match

We’ll find a match from our existing participants. If we can’t find the right match, we’ll use our networks to recruit someone.

Step 2 – initial introduction

We’ll facilitate the initial introduction. If you’re happy with your match, we’ll take a step back and let you manage your relationship.

Step 3 – your mentorship

You can organise regular confidential meetings with your mentor or mentee. We’ll be available for support if you need it.

Step 4 – review

After a year the programme finishes you can review the experience. After that, you’re welcome to keep working together if you choose.

How the programme aims to support Scotland 

Businesses and economies that operate across a range of markets tend to be more resilient and less vulnerable to economic shocks. We’re working in partnership with the Scottish Government to help unlock Scotland’s export potential, because supporting more of Scotland’s companies to export is critical to a sustainable economic future. 

Rules of engagement 

All Export Champions and Mentees must adhere to the following conditions: 

  • During the initial meeting, both parties should agree confidentiality needs 
  • Keep all information disclosed in your meetings, and in the course of your relationship strictly confidential 
  • Should a conflict of interest arise during the programme, this should be shared with the programme team 
  • The relationship should not be used as a route to sales between the Export Champion and Mentee 
  • To protect the relationship we expect there should be no financial investment between the Export Champion and Mentee companies 

How to get involved

Got what it takes to become a mentor?

Do you run a successful export business? Got a depth of international trade experience you'd like to share to help others increase their export sales, and benefit the Scottish economy? We're seeking export champions just like you.

Need an export mentor?

Are you a small to medium sized enterprise based in Scotland? Ambitious to grow in international markets? Like the idea of having a qualified guide by your side, to help you on your exporting journey? We can match you with an experienced mentor.

Got a question?

If you’d like some more information about the programme, get in touch with our team today.