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Take your business to the world with GlobalScot

Looking to launch into international markets? Get real-life, in-depth insights and one-to-one support from influential business leaders that’ll help you expand, accelerate your growth and build meaningful relationships in the global marketplace.

What you'll get from GlobalScot

Establishing yourself in overseas markets is tricky – particularly when you don’t know the customs, culture or codes that characterise it. Having an inside source to guide you can really help.

That’s where GlobalScot comes in. Connecting your ambitious business with experienced international business leaders, the GlobalScot network can hook you into the specific knowledge and wisdom that’ll shape your strategy – facilitating introductions and meetings that could transform the future direction of your organisation.

You’ll get exclusive access to:

  • Influential, senior connections in international markets
  • One-to-one business support, informed by on-the-ground experience
  • A community of business owners and leaders across the world
  • Events, webinars and masterclasses on development, investment and more
  • Fresh contacts, perspectives and insights from GlobalScots
  • In-depth market advice, data and business news

What is a GlobalScot?

GlobalScots are leaders, influencers and strategic thinkers in the worlds of business, social and charity organisations.

They have a connection to Scotland – whether it’s their homeland, through their family or simply because they love the country. They’re on board to support its ambitious businesses to enter markets they’re already established in, by sharing contacts, information and real-life experiences, with the aim of helping others succeed.

They have a wealth of expertise and wisdom, and you can access it all for free by signing up.

Who can join the network?

The GlobalScot network is open to all Scottish business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals who want to internationalise.

From start-ups and SMEs to large corporations, GlobalScot doesn’t discriminate in terms of sector or size.

What businesses say

Colin Campbell, CEO and Founder, Unlocking Potential

"I haven’t found another organisation that’s successfully provided me with access to experts in their field, or that's so willing to support our journey… the GlobalScots have been generous with their time, skills and knowledge, which has put us in a much better place to take advantage of the growing interest in our product."

Paul Slorach, Business Development Director, Verlume

"The basis of the network is the sharing of knowledge and expertise. It’s a free resource, meaning the GlobalScots are volunteers… and so they're naturally enthusiastic. It's great to see the success stories and be part of a global community with like-minded individuals."

The goal of GlobalScot

GlobalScot aims to bolster, encourage and nurture Scotland’s business community to work together.

Connecting experienced leaders with ambitious, emerging companies, the GlobalScot network fosters a sense of mentorship and collaboration, intended to boost Scotland’s success on the world stage.

What’s more, it’s completely free and only takes ten minutes to sign up.

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