Need an export plan?

Already running a successful business in Scotland? Why not build on that success in the world's largest single market, the EU.

What to include in your export plan

Clear objectives

Your export plan introduction should clearly and concisely:

  • Set out your decision and reasons for moving into export markets
  • Outline your strategic export objectives for your business
  • Explain how exporting to international markets fits with your overall business plan

Assess your company's capability

  • Which products/services do you intend to export?
  • Do these products or services require any modification for your target markets?
  • What export capability do you need to have in place – staff, resources and capacity?
  • Which protection do you need to have in place – IP, insurance, terms and conditions for export markets?
  • What is your export market proposition?

Target markets

  • Which markets do you intend to target and why?
  • What are your priority target markets – country/market sector/customer profile?

Market research

  • What export market research information do you require?
  • How will you conduct this research – criteria, cost and timescales?
  • How will you use this research in your export planning and development?

Marketing and sales

  • What are your marketing and sales targets for each selected market?
  • What routes to market do you intend to use?
  • If you intend to use in-market partners, how will you select, appoint and manage them?
  • What marketing material/preparation do you need, including your website and social media?
  • Do you intend to visit the market or exhibitions or trade shows in-market?

Export operations

  • How will you fulfil and deliver your export orders?
  • What export documentation/certification do you require in place?
  • What insurance have you in place?

Export budget

  • Set out the budget and costs required for each of the above areas
  • Your export pricing strategy
  • Your terms of payment and anticipated export cash flow
  • Any external export finance required

Risk analysis

  • What are the key risks associated with exporting and how will you manage these?

Management and monitoring

  • How and who will be responsible for managing your export development?
  • At what points over the year will you review progress against plan (monthly/quarterly)?

Forward planning

  • What are your long-term objectives for your export development?
  • Decide on your next steps for each export market in year two

What next?

We can help you:

  • Get ready to sell overseas and create an export action plan
  • Research markets and choose the best ones for you
  • Understand any cultural differences when doing business in overseas markets
  • Find the expertise and connections you need as well as the right route to market
  • Source funding to support your exports
  • Navigate the practicalities of export pricing, getting paid and logistics 
  • Visit potential markets, partners and customers
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Ready to create your export plan?

If you've not yet created an action plan to enter EU markets, our step-by-step guide will equip you with the know-how and support to make the most of opportunities.