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Energy Market Expert Support: Low Carbon Transport

Energy Market Expert Support: Low Carbon Transport

Looking to develop solutions that decarbonise transport? This call provides funding to get expert support from Cenex consultants - specialists in low emission transport and energy infrastructure technologies. Get a better understanding of the low carbon transport sector and get support to review the technical aspects of your project.

Key information 

Scotland’s low carbon transport market is growing rapidly, which opens many new opportunities for businesses. If you’re looking to develop solutions that decarbonise transport, we can help. 

You can get full funding for two days of support for your low carbon transport project from expert consultants at Cenex – specialists in low emission transport and energy infrastructure technologies. 

You could also be eligible to get a 50% subsidy for up to four more days of support.  

Cenex can support you in two key areas: 

Market analysis 

Cenex’s consultants will help you gain a better understanding of the low carbon transport sector. They can: 

  • Assess your company’s capabilities and its ability to exploit current opportunities 
  • Judge the suitability of a specific product for the low carbon transport sector 
  • Help boost your understanding of market and supply chain positioning 

Technical due diligence 

Cenex can also support you in reviewing the technical aspects of your project. They’re able to: 

  • Estimate the level of technical innovation and the positive impact of your project 
  • Provide you with a market comparison of your technologies, site operations and more 
  • Gauge the technical risks and challenges of the project 
  • Evaluate your project’s commercial potential, market need and exploitation route (including reviews of your project costs, marketing strategy, demand drivers and legal issues) 
  • Predict the positive and negative impacts of the project on the environment 

Am I eligible? 

This support is available to a wide range of companies in Scotland. It's for: 

  • Any size of company registered or trading in the Scottish Enterprise area
  • Companies with no experience in low carbon transport that want to move into the sector 
  • Companies with some experience that want to grow their business in the sector 

What kind of projects can I get help with? 

Projects can include (but aren’t limited to): 

  • The development of low carbon vehicles 
  • Low carbon drive train technology and integration 
  • Battery technology and alternative fuelling 
  • Storage systems such as hydrogen fuel cells 

This support applies to a wide range of transport systems, including road, rail, marine, aviation and technology related to active travel (like walking and cycling).  

It can also cover intelligent transport systems and other digital solutions that help to decarbonise transport. 

How much support is available? 

Stage 1: Full funding is available for up to two days of consultation with Cenex. 

Stage 2: A 50% subsidy is also available for up to four more days of project support.

About the application 

How long will the application process take? 

Completing the application form usually takes less than 15 minutes.  

After you send us your application, we’ll contact you within two weeks.  

Closing date 

This programme will run until 31 March 2022. 

How to apply

To get things started, download an application form and send it to our team. We'll then get back to you with more information.