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Funding for innovation

Looking for funding to develop innovative practices or create new products, services or technologies? Our innovation funding database pulls together innovation funding opportunities from across the UK and worldwide. And if you’re thinking of applying for innovation funding, we can offer support to help you get there.


Download a copy (Excel, 154kB) of this funding information. Last updated 24 November 2022. 

About the funding database

This database is for anyone to use. We have gathered together funding information suitable for Scottish businesses from UK and international organisations.

Search for funding now using the database or watch our short video for tips on how to use the search features.

How we can help your business

If you’re thinking of applying for innovation funding, we may be able to offer additional support. We can help you find the right funding scheme, offer objective feedback on your proposal, and help you prepare for pitches and interviews. To qualify for this support, you’ll need to:

  • Be based in the Scottish Enterprise or South of Scotland Enterprise regions
  • Be committed to the creation/safeguarding of quality jobs
  • Be committed to fair work principles
  • Be committed to working towards net zero
  • Be doing research and development (R&D) on projects with a commercial endpoint
  • Own, or have the rights to exploit, the intellectual property required to undertake the project
  • Be able to demonstrate how commercial prospects for the product or process will be achieved (for example, you have a letter of interest from a customer)
  • Be confident you will be able to match-fund at least 30% of project costs in cash
  • Be willing to share your final proposal and assessment results with Scottish Enterprise

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Webinar: how we can help you access funding

Watch our webinar to find out more about the support that’s available from Scottish Enterprise for businesses who are trying to secure non-Scottish innovation funding. We’ll also discuss some of the calls that are available from innovate UK and other sources, as well as some of the support that’s available from other organisations.

Watch the webinar

Other funding sources and support for innovation

Innovation support from Scottish Enterprise

Our specialists can help you refine your ideas, develop your strategy, navigate regulations, protect your intellectual property, make valuable connections, and more.

Innovate UK

As the UK’s innovation agency, Innovate UK can provide loans and grants, help you find partners, connect you to investors and help you access the right expertise and equipment.

European funding

Thinking about applying for European funding to support your innovation plans? We can help you find funding, connect you to partners, and support you during your application.

Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN)

This network connects business, government, funders, research and the third sector. They can help connect you with partners and opportunities, as well as providing a range of business support for innovative ideas.

UK research and innovation (UKRI)

UKRI offer a range of funding opportunities for businesses working on innovative ideas. They cover all academic and industry areas, from medicine and sciences, to engineering, space, social sciences, economics and the environment.

Get in touch about support for your business

Got a question about innovation funding, or want to talk to us about the support that’s available to help you access funding? Get in touch with our expert team today. Please also let us know if you notice any missing funding calls.