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Succession planning

When you’ve worked hard to build up your business, what do you do when it comes time to stop? Whether you’re looking to hand over the reins of your business soon or simply planning for the long-term, our experts will ensure the path of succession runs smoothly.

Know your options

Make sure you explore all the available options in advance to allow time for plans to be properly drawn up. Succession options to consider include:

  • Sale to another shareholder
  • Company buy-back
  • Ownership transfer within the family
  • Employee buyout
  • Management buyout
  • Trade sale
  • Flotation

Getting the right support

You may already have an idea of which model you'd like to pursue. But it's particularly important to get good professional advice at the right time. That’s where we come in.

Our team of succession experts are available to offer funded advice. We'll guide you through all your options to achieve the best outcome for you and your business. 

The discussion will take account of your goals, as well as the scale and performance of your business. Ultimately this will provide a basis to progress a succession planning route that's best for you. 

Advanced planning invariably means business owners can meet more of their goals.

Thoughtful business succession planning could prevent a lifetime of work being ruined at the final hurdle.

Selling your business? Attend a masterclass

Our succession planning masterclasses let you hear first-hand from Scottish companies why they sold to their employees and how things are working out for them.

“It’s never too early to start thinking about an exit," says our succession expert, Alistair Gibb. "People with a clear strategy can make good decisions. And we're here to help."

Learn more about ownership options for your business and ways to ensure a smooth employee buyout process.

Check our events listing for upcoming dates 

Watch our video guide for advice

Explore the basics of business succession planning: watch our video guide.

You'll find information on the different options available, including trade sale, employee buyout, ownership transfer, flotation, management buyout, and more.

Looking to speak to an expert?

Once you've submitted your enquiry one of our specialists will be in touch to discuss your needs.  To help inform this discussion we'll ask for a copy of your business plan and, if available, the last three years' of your company accounts.

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