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The Energy Investment Fund (‘EIF’) is a Scottish Government Fund managed and delivered by the Scottish Investment Bank. It builds on the success of the Renewable Energy Investment Fund, providing commercial investment for renewable and low carbon energy solutions. 

EIF will provide flexible investment and debt funding for energy projects in Scotland that will facilitate, catalyse and accelerate Scotland’s transition to a low carbon economy. 

EIF will focus on:

  • Increasing community ownership of energy projects in Scotland (including community stakes in commercial developments)
  • Accelerating the development of commercial low carbon energy projects in Scotland

EIF is a gap funder, and will only invest where there is a demonstrable funding gap in a project’s funding package. 

A total of £20 million has been allocated to EIF for distribution by 31 March 2019. 

Community groups and projects in the process of assembling a funding package should contact the EIF team early in the process to register interest.

Priority will be given to submissions received by 20 July 2018. Submissions received after 20 July 2018 will also be considered depending on availability of budget. If you are unable to submit prior to 20 July 2018, we recommend that you contact the EIF team.

If you're seeking funding for projects beyond 31 March 2019, we'll be happy to talk you through your funding options directly.

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