Regional Selective Assistance (RSA)

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Are you eligible?

RSA is available to limited companies, sole traders or partnerships. 

To qualify, your project must meet all of the following criteria:

  • Take place within an assisted area in Scotland
  • Directly create or safeguard jobs within your business
  • Should not be offset by job losses elsewhere
  • Involve an element of capital investment
  • Be mainly funded from the private sector, including the company's own cash resources
  • Be financially viable, make commercial sense & contribute to Scotland's economy

You will be required to show that your project needs RSA to proceed.

If you are already committed to undertaking the project or if we think the project would proceed anyway, RSA will not be offered.

Many firms operate in a local market, eg retail, catering, household and personal services.

That is not to say that there is anything wrong with businesses and projects aimed at local markets – simply that the use of RSA in such instances will not result in an overall increase in employment in that activity.

Other examples of markets that are, generally, well served include double glazing, general printing, locally-focussed recycling plants, general joinery, small-scale customer service/order fulfilment operations and locally-focussed food production.

Through RSA, we aim for overall gains in net employment in Scotland, and are therefore more likely to assist projects which service markets wider than Scotland only, and/or where competitors are largely based outside Assisted Areas.

Certain activities may be subject to special European Community (EC) restrictions on aid. We can advise you on this and answer any queries you have about eligibility when you contact us.