Regional Selective Assistance (RSA)

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How to apply

Interested? The first step is to complete the initial enquiry form and send to, giving an overview of your eligible project.

Word document Initial Enquiry Form (Word, 75kB)

We’ll review your information and provide feedback on the initial details of your project. 

If appropriate, an appraisal executive will contact you to set up a meeting and take you through the application process.

Application form

The next stage of the process is to complete an application form, including financial projections to support your application.

For all grants you’ll need to complete the RSA Application form.

If your request is for more than £100k, you’ll need to complete some additional questions on some of the wider impacts of your project.

For grants under £250,000 you'll need to complete Annex 1. 

For grants over £250,000 you'll need to complete Annex 2 (which is more detailed to reflect the higher grant).

Advice on how to complete each Annex is given within the documents. You should also provide the last two sets of audited accounts where appropriate.

RSA Application Form (Word, 360KB)

Scottish Enterprise questionnaire for grant requests over £100,000 (Excel, 15Kb)

Annex 1: Financial projections under £250,000 (Excel, 60Kb)

Annex 2: Financial projections over £250,000 (Excel, 65Kb) 

The application form must be signed in pen by an executive director or company secretary. You can then either post the form to us or email a scanned copy.

What happens next

You will be sent an acknowledgement email once we have received your application. Your case will be assigned to an appraisal executive.

Work on your application will not start until it is considered fully documented. During the appraisal we may ask for clarification on some aspects of your application and there may be some benefit in a further meeting or visit to local premises.

Successful applications

Once your application for RSA has been approved, you will be allocated a grant manager. Your appraisal executive and grant manager will work closely together, particularly in the early stages of the project.

The grant manager will issue an offer letter which clearly sets out all the conditions of your grant. This is a legal document and it is vital that you read it carefully before signing and returning a copy to your grant manager, who will be available to answer any queries.

Review request

If you believe any decision during the grant process is unsound, or if you can supply more information, you can contact us to request a review. 

You must clearly set out why you believe the decision to be unsound. Our decision will be fully reconsidered in light of the extra information or explanations provided

Multiple grants

We encourage companies to take a two to three year view when considering a project to avoid having multiple live grants. However, it is possible to have more than one live RSA offer at a time. 

It is possible to apply for a second or third grant as the first RSA grant enables you to properly establish your business project while a second grant enables you to take it to a higher level.