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Aero Den
Investment level: From $100,000 to $1million Aero-Den is a Syndicate
Sector: Aero-Den is looking for developing technology preferably at the second stage of the investment cycle.
Archangel Informal Investments
Investment level: Deal range: £50,000 - £2million. Scotland only - central belt preferred. Must have high growth potential and global application.
Sector: They focus on start-up / early-stage businesses – looking to all sectors, with the exception of property, retail and leisure.
Investment level: Up to £500,000
Sector: Technology
Discovery Investment Fund
Investment level: Investment level £75,000 - £300,000, the syndicate is used to co-investing alongside others, also an experienced lead investor.
Sector: Non-sector specific, Discovery are interested in early-stage to existing revenue generating companies.
Downing LLP
Investment level: £500,000 to £10million (amounts depends on deal type). Downing are willing to be the lead investor or to participate in a syndicated transaction.
Sector: Downing invests in UK businesses in the following areas: - Growth capital (companies with a turnover of over £1million and outstanding opportunities for growth) - Asset-backed trading businesses (e.g. hotels, care homes, pubs, data centres, etc) - Property finance (construction funding for development projects) - Public equity (UK micro-cap, UK equity income and global multi manager) - Renewables / energy infrastructure (solar, wind, AD, reserve power, etc) - Ventures (early stage technology businesses – either with or pre-revenues)
EOS Technology Investment Syndicate
Investment level: Between £50,000 to £500,000 in any one round. EOS is happy to be the lead investor or to syndicate with other investors for larger rounds.
Sector: Their investment focus is to provide initial seed funding to early stage, science and technology ventures. They look for businesses with ambitious founders, unique and protectable products or services, global market potential and clearly identifiable exit opportunities. Beyond capital investment we ensure our investee companies benefit from smart, strategic support.
Investment level: Epidarex leads or co-leads investments in company funding rounds totalling up to £10million, syndicating with other funds.
Sector: Epidarex invest in all areas of health science including biotechnology, medical devices and pharmaceuticals, personalized medicine and diagnostics – in addition to healthcare IT and services. They target transformative opportunities launched in under-ventured regions of the UK, where there are strong research institutions and a developing ecosystem of talent and capital. They focus on start-ups or SMEs seeking their first institutional funding round, and place a particular emphasis upon innovations ‘spun out’ of universities.
Equity Gap
Investment level: All deals and investment levels are considered it is more important to demonstrate a strong market and a clear investment exit strategy.
Sector: All sectors are considered. Of particular interest are young companies who have achieved the SMART award, and businesses that have gone through a pre-investment commercialisation process.
Gabriel Investment Syndicate
Investment level: Generally investment will be in the area of £60,000 - £120,000 for early stage companies. Will look at co-investing with other SIB partners; can act as lead investor or work with other syndicates as part of a larger deal.
Sector: Mainly involved in high-tech projects looking for investment at the pre-start, start up and proof of concept stages, the syndicate will look at non-tech companies but these must have a distinct and demonstrable USP.
Highland Venture Capital
Investment level: Deal range: £75,000 - £500,000. Scotland only - Highlands and Islands preferred.
Sector: They invest at any stage of a company’s development from start-up and early investment, to being part of a syndicate of syndicates to support later-stage investment.
IP Group
Investment level:
Sector: Biotech, cleantech, healthcare and technology
London & Scottish Investment Partners
Investment level: Investment level – up to £1million. Syndicate used to co-investing alongside others, also experienced lead investor.
Sector: Non-sector specific, companies we invest in must be established (at least 2-3 years trading), solvent and with existing revenue.
Investment level: Up to £1.5million
Sector: They do not invest in pre-revenue – but are open to investing in companies in the chemicals and materials, communications, construction and building products, electronics, energy, engineering, financial services, industrial automation, industrial products and services, information technology hardware, internet technology, leisure and entertainment, manufacturing, media and photography, medical/health related, other consumer related, retail, services, software and computer services, transportation industries.
Panoramic Growth Equity
Investment level: £1-5million
Sector: Growth and MBO Investor. All sectors, companies with less than £1million per annum in historic revenues
Par Equity
Investment level: Par Equity combine Par EIS Fund capital with investment from a large base of Par Syndicate professional investors. Their typical deal size is £500,000 plus, preferably as lead investor – and they are happy to consider syndicated investments and have previously co-invested with both local and international investors to close deals of up to £5million
Sector: Venture capital across a broad spectrum of technology (excluding biotech). Companies invested in are likely to be in revenue, but pre-profit at the point of investment. Management should be focused on delivering a capital return to investors within a three to eight year time horizon
TRI Capital
Investment level: Up to £500,000 over several rounds. Initial investment £50,000 - £200,000. Happy to lead or be part of a syndicate of up to £2million.
Sector: They invest in all sectors – excluding property and retail – with a preference for East Central Scotland and the Scottish Borders. They have an interest in early-stage and expansion.