Scottish Co-investment Fund investor details

Downing LLP


Downing invests in UK businesses in the following areas: - Growth capital (companies with a turnover of over £1million and outstanding opportunities for growth) - Asset-backed trading businesses (e.g. hotels, care homes, pubs, data centres, etc) - Property finance (construction funding for development projects) - Public equity (UK micro-cap, UK equity income and global multi manager) - Renewables / energy infrastructure (solar, wind, AD, reserve power, etc) - Ventures (early stage technology businesses – either with or pre-revenues)


£500,000 to £10million (amounts depends on deal type). Downing are willing to be the lead investor or to participate in a syndicated transaction.


Louisa Welsh

Company background:

Downing LLP is a London-based investment management firm. It helps UK businesses grow by investing in them via its range of venture capital trust, enterprise investment schemes, inheritance tax, individual savings account and open-ended investment company products