Scottish Co-investment Fund investor details

EOS Technology Investment Syndicate


Their investment focus is to provide initial seed funding to early stage, science and technology ventures. They look for businesses with ambitious founders, unique and protectable products or services, global market potential and clearly identifiable exit opportunities. Beyond capital investment we ensure our investee companies benefit from smart, strategic support.


Between £50,000 to £500,000 in any one round. EOS is happy to be the lead investor or to syndicate with other investors for larger rounds.


Kevin Grainger


Immediately pre-and post-revenue

Other criteria:

EOS Technologies are keen to add value through its knowledge and expertise to companies that it invests in.

Company background:

Based in St. Andrews, Scotland, the EOS Technology Investment Syndicate (“EOS”) is an entrepreneurial-led private angel syndicate looking for exciting opportunities from early-stage science and technology businesses.