Scottish Co-investment Fund investor details



Epidarex invest in all areas of health science including biotechnology, medical devices and pharmaceuticals, personalized medicine and diagnostics – in addition to healthcare IT and services. They target transformative opportunities launched in under-ventured regions of the UK, where there are strong research institutions and a developing ecosystem of talent and capital. They focus on start-ups or SMEs seeking their first institutional funding round, and place a particular emphasis upon innovations ‘spun out’ of universities.


Epidarex leads or co-leads investments in company funding rounds totalling up to £10million, syndicating with other funds.


Sinclair Dunlop



Company background:

A leading international venture capital firm, Epidarex Capital lead investments in early-stage life science and health technology companies.

The fund’s early stage focus is supported by diverse investors, including Pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly, four top research Universities, the European Investment Fund, Scottish Enterprise and Strathclyde Pension fund.

Epidarex’s close working relationship with leading research universities provides access to some of the most innovative healthcare start-ups, including those specialising in novel drug development.