Scottish Co-investment Fund investor details

Gabriel Investment Syndicate


Mainly involved in high-tech projects looking for investment at the pre-start, start up and proof of concept stages, the syndicate will look at non-tech companies but these must have a distinct and demonstrable USP.


Generally investment will be in the area of £60,000 - £120,000 for early stage companies. Will look at co-investing with other SIB partners; can act as lead investor or work with other syndicates as part of a larger deal.


Gillian MacAulay


Pre-start, start-up and proof of concept

Company background:

An angel syndicate and business incubator, Gabriel Investments invests in pre-start and start-up businesses.

The concept behind Gabriel is to take young businesses with an idea, business model or product in its early stages and inject funds to help take it to market.

Typically investing in businesses that demonstrate growth potential, ambition and scalability – Gabriel also offers ancillary services. These include physical space, business planning, financial projections, marketing strategy, administrative and secretarial support.

By the end of the six to nine month incubation process, the business will be ready for market.