Scottish Venture Fund

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What's involved?

Firstly you’ll need to secure an offer of funding from a private sector investor before you can approach Scottish Enterprise to consider the gap in your investment package. With an investor secured, you can approach us with detail of the deal. We will work with private sector investors both known and new to Scottish Enterprise.

The following information would be required:

  1. Details of the private sector funding secured, sources and terms
  2. The amount being sought from the Scottish Venture Fund
  3. A detailed business plan provided to us including key financial information (at least three-year forecasts and historic information)
  4. What the funding will be used for

We will then conduct a review of the potential economic benefits to Scotland and undertake a full appraisal of the investment opportunity. Terms of the investment will be proposed and due diligence undertaken. 

Once investment is agreed, our portfolio management team will work alongside your management team on an ongoing basis to help shape your strategy and maximise the outcomes of the investment for the company, the investors and the Scottish economy.

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