How we collect personal information

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We collect personal information using different types of methods and sources. We have grouped these together in the following ways.

Direct interactions

We collect personal information directly from you. For example, when you use our website, apply for our products and services for you or on behalf of your company or employer, create and account on our website or MyBusinessID account space, request marketing to be sent to you, complete a survey or provide feedback, or you are a GlobalScot, non-executive director of one of our portfolio companies or a panel member involved in evaluating applications.

Employer or company

We collect personal information from your employer or a company you work with. For example, if your personal information is included as part of the application for funding or support, or in a bid to supply services to us; or as evidence in support of a claim for grant funding.

Public sector partners

We would have your personal information if you or your company has engaged with our public sector partners and as part of the public sector partner’s and our public functions, they have shared your personal information with us. You can find out more about our public sector partners on Who we will share your information with.

Customer relationship management (CRM) partners

We would have your personal information where any of our partners to the CRM partnership have input your details to the shared customer relationship management system. You can read more about the CRM Partnership.

Third party sources/publicly available sources

We may receive personal information about you from various third party sources. This may include where we have subscribed to a database, or have been provided with information from an interested third party, such as an investor. It may also come from a publicly available source (e.g. Companies House) or is available through social media (e.g. LinkedIn). You can find details of databases and services we use.


Any supplier we have procured to deliver a service on our behalf. Such suppliers will be under contractual obligations to process your personal information in compliance with data protection laws.