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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Partnership

The CRM Partnership is made up of a group of public sector organisations that are principally charged with the economic development of Scotland.

The CRM Partnership comprises:

  • Scottish Enterprise (SE)
  • Scottish Development International (a joint venture between Scottish Enterprise, Highlands and Islands Enterprise, South of Scotland Enterprise and Scottish Government)
  • Business Gateway National Unit (represented by COSLA, on behalf of Scotland's 32 local authorities)
  • Skills Development Scotland
  • Highlands and Islands Enterprise
  • South of Scotland Enterprise

Purpose of the CRM Partnership

The CRM Partnership’s purpose is to provide a consistent, co-ordinated approach to delivery of services to its customers. To better serve this purpose, the members of the CRM Partnership have come together to share one customer relationship management (CRM) system. It is on the CRM system that all personal information and non-personal information of the CRM Partnership’s customers will be stored.

Personal Information in the CRM system will be processed by the CRM partners as outlined in the following sections.

Personal information processed

The CRM Partnership processes the following types of personal data:

  • Identity data
  • Contact data
  • Transaction data
  • Profile data
  • Marketing data

Source of personal information

The CRM Partnership collects personal information from the following sources:

  • Direct interactions
  • Employer or company
  • Third party sources or publicly available sources

The purpose of processing

The CRM Partnership processes information in order to:

  • Provide consistent, clear and co-ordinated engagement with our customers on products, services and support that they are interested in
  • Enable better design of business support services across the wider public sector landscape
  • Create opportunities to refer across and between CRM partners, develop shared understanding and monitor the effectiveness and responsiveness of the CRM partners’ individual service offerings
  • Collaborate on the design of future services and interventions as a result of insights gained from a shared system, aggregated data and better understanding of what support the customers of the CRM customers are seeking and receiving in real time
  • Provide you with information you have requested from us as part of our marketing services – please see Marketing and Events for further information
  • Answer any enquiries you have submitted to us – please see Enquiries for further information
  • Provide your business with funding and support – please see Funding and Support for further information

Lawful grounds

There are lawful grounds under which SE will process your personal information for this purpose. These include the performance of a task in the public interest task, and/or exercise of our official authority.

Consequences of not providing the personal information

The CRM Partnership will not be able to provide you or your business with the best possible support.

How long we will keep your personal information

We will keep your personal information in the customer relationship management system and for the purposes of the CRM Partnership for as long as you remain a customer of any of the CRM Partners, and in accordance with the period relevant to your relationship with the CRM Partners (for funding and support, for example, this may be for a period of up to 10 years).

When you or the company of which you are an employee are no longer a customer of the CRM Partnership, your personal information will be kept for 18 months following the date of your last interaction with any of the CRM Partners.

Please refer to individual categories for other circumstances under which personal information may be retained.

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