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Scottish European Growth Co-Investment Programme

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Scottish-European Growth Co-Investment Programme

Up to 50% match funding available to support Scottish growth investment opportunities

Are you an ambitious Scottish SME looking to fundraise £2 million plus?

We can help with up to 50% match funding available to support your company’s growth in Scotland. The Scottish-European Growth Co-Investment Programme (SEGCP) is suitable for businesses in all areas of Scotland looking for equity investment above £2 million to meet their growth and export ambitions. 

Are you a fund manager interested in investing in Scotland? 

Up to 50% match funding is available to support Scottish growth investment opportunities.

How much funding is available?

£200m total funding available

A total pot of £200 million is available through the programme for Scottish businesses

£10m up to £10m co-investment for individual companies

The programme typically provides equity investment of up to £10 million to match private sector investment

50% match funding

Up to 50% match funding is available to help you attract international investment and grow your company

How the programme works

The Scottish Government has made funding available to us through the Scottish Growth Scheme. This has enabled an innovative partnership with the European Investment Fund (EIF) to create the Scottish-European Growth Co-Investment Programme.

The programme is managed by the Scottish Investment Bank, the investment arm of Scottish Enterprise, and aims to increase the availability of later-stage equity investment to Scottish SME’s.

Under this partnership, eligible companies will have access to £50 million from Scottish Enterprise, and £50 million from the European Investment Fund, leveraging at least £100 million from private sector fund managers.

This gives a total pot of £200 million available for Scottish businesses.

Get the next level of funding to grow your business

Find out how SEGCP can help you secure the next stage investment for your business. 

Are you a company?

This programme typically provides up to £10 million to Scottish companies to match investment by private sector fund managers. The Scottish Investment Bank (SIB) can invest a maximum of £5 million into any one company and cannot invest more than the European Investment Fund, or more than 50% of the fund manager's investment.

The benefits of SEGCP

  • Support - you'll receive support from the start, so that you're ready and prepared to take on the type of capital investment available through this programme.
  • Networks and introductions - we can find the right investors for you and make introductions. SIB has already identified and has relationships with venture capitalists with the biggest appetite for investing in Scotland, and can guide you through the process, providing insight into the investment interests of the fund managers. This means you can approach funders with confidence and a derisked proposition, as potentially 50% of the funding is already available via this programme.
  • Expertise – we can support you with supply chain, management/board skills, pitch presentation and industry expertise.

Am I eligible?

The programme is suitable for commercially viable Scottish SME’s looking for equity investment to meet their growth ambitions.

How can the investment be used?

The investment can be used for growth capital, acquisition finance, to partially fund a management buy-out or buy-in, or to fund an exit of existing shareholders.

How ONZO used SEGCP funding to expand into Scotland

The investment cannot be used to directly fund activity in the following sectors: distilled alcohol (such as whisky), real estate/property development, banking and insurance, gambling, bookmakers, tobacco, adult entertainment, sub-prime financing, religious or political movements, or movements which have an adverse effect on animal or human rights.

Are you an investor?

If you're a fund manager interested in investing in Scotland, up to 50% match funding is available to support Scottish growth investment opportunities. We can: 

  • Introduce you to high-growth Scottish companies
  • Help your investment in the thriving and innovative Scottish economy
  • Offer support and expertise

How it works

  • European Investment Fund and Scottish Enterprise monies will be invested in equal terms with the private funds
  • All aspects of deal selection, investment appraisal, deal execution and portfolio management will be undertaken by the fund manager

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