Senior staff salaries

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The table below details the salaries of senior staff at Scottish Enterprise.

Salaries of senior staff at Scottish Enterprise
Name Job title Grade Pay rate at 31 December 2017
Paul Lewis Interim Chief Executive
ELT £160,000-£164,999
Carolyn Stewart Managing Director People ELT  £125,000-£129,999
Linda Hanna Managing Director Strategy & Sectors
ELT £120,000-124,999
Jane Martin
Managing Director Customer Operations
ELT £120,000-124,999
Neil Francis
Interim Managing Director, International Operations
ELT £110,000-£114,999
Rhona Allison
Interim Managing Director, Operations, Growth Companies & Innovation
ELT £110,000-£114,999
Allan McQuade
Business Infrastructure Director
Leadership £95,000-£99,999
Glenn Exton
Director of Digital Transformation
Leadership £95,000-£99,999
Douglas Colquhoun
Finance Director
Leadership £90,000-£94,999
Jim Reid Stakeholder, Communications & Networks Director Leadership £85,000-£89,999
Jim Watson
Innovation & Enterprise Services Director
Leadership £85,000-£89,999
Daniel Cusick Sector Portfolio Director - Food & Drink &Tourism & Textiles Leadership £85,000-£89,999
Raymond McGovern
Americas Director
Leadership £85,000-£89,999
Julia Brown
Sector Portfolio Director - Life and Chemical Sciences
Leadership £85,000-£89,999
Andy McDonald
Interim Director, Strategy & Sectors
Leadership £80,000-£84,999
Anke Heggie
Interim Director, Company Growth
Leadership £75,000-£79,999


  • Last updated: 14 February 2018
  • Pay rate shown reflects FTE (full-time equivalent) rate
Americas Director
Americas Director